10 Super Easy Tactics To Get More Subscribers On YouTube!

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how to grow youtube subscribers

Hey you awesome people, I hope you are all good.

So I am back today only for the people who really want to learn how to grow youtube subscribers in 2020.

The 10 strategies which I am going to share with you is proven and tested on some of my clients, as you know I am businessman I am not a guru, who will share the screenshots to get your faith.

So if you are looking to skyrocket your youtube channel in 2020 follows these 10 methods.

These are often overlooked and can produce easy wins and results for your youtube channel. 

#1 – Method
When you send your channel link to others add “?sub_confirmation=1”, this extension will direct them to your channel with pop up that asks them to subscribe. This will increase the likelihood of someone subscribing to your channel.
#2 – Method
Ask people to subscribe and click the notification bell early in your video, but be sure to state the benefits for being a subscriber and go beyond just being notified. People are more likely to do that and continue watching your video.
#3 – Method
At the end of your video use the”end screen” feature. Your end screen offers an opportunity to add a CTA (Call To Action) to your viewers to Subscribe. Make sure to have some sort of indicator by either pointing to your viewer where the subscribe element is at or by using an arrow graphic or animation to point to that feature.
#4 – Method
In your video description include your subscribe link first with the text: “SUBSCRIBE HERE: (add sub link)” along with the link to your previous video or popular video underneath it.
#5 – Method
 Add your YouTube Subscribe link to your website and social media handles. You can even add it to your FB Profile Bio.
#6 – Method
Add your YouTube Subscribe link to your email signature for business or personal emails.
#7 – Method
If you carry business cards create a shortened link or QR code and have it lead to your YouTube Channel using your subscribe link.
#8 – Method
You can add the Subscribe link as one of your overlays on your Channel if you’re not using it to drive traffic to a lead magnet or FB Group.
#9 – Method
Use the Branded Watermark feature by turning it into a subscribe button so that it shows up all through your video.
#10 – Method
Ask people you collaborate with to feature your channel in their end screen and in the description of the video.
So I hope you got the 10 really working and strategic points to learn how to grow youtube subscribers.
Please remember that your videos should be directed to the audience they’re intended for.
Oftentimes people create and optimize content for the wrong audience and don’t get the growth they want or they gain the wrong audience and wonder why no one comes back to watch more.


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