Ultimate List of 101 Free Online Courses By Google, Coursera, Udemy & More to learn online during COVID-19 Crisis in 2020

Explore FREE online courses to learn during the worldwide coronavirus worldwise crisis. It has been always said learning should never be stopped, it’s a part of the life cycle. In youth learning is constricted to colleges and universities whereas today learning are often done through various sources.

One among the foremost popular and straightforward to access source is that the Internet. the web has proved as a 21st-century superpower which will do a huge task and one among which is educating people. The prime sort of educating is online courses, free or paid.

The online courses provide extreme flexibility to find out because it are often accessed from any location and at any time. it’s especially helpful during a situation like Global lockdown, or any unavoidable circumstances.

Therefore presenting an inventory of 101 Free Online Courses with/without certification. of these free courses are hosted by the favored organization like Google.

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List of 101 Free Online Courses By Google, Coursera, Udemy & More

Are you ready to learn something new? Yes, alright let’s begin with listing 101 free online courses by Google, Coursera, Udemy & More. All the courses are free and some come with certification.

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Sign Up Now
  2. How To Get Your Business Online: Sign Up Now
  3. How To Increase Your Productivity: Sign Up Now
  4. Understand the Basics of Machine Learning: Sign Up Now
  5. Google Suit Course (With Certification): Sign Up Now
  6. Learn To Code: Sign Up Now
  7. Android Development: Sign Up Now
  8. How To Write a Business Plan: Sign Up Now
  9. How To Write Your CV: Sign Up Now
  10. Machine Learning Crash Course: Sign Up Now
  11. Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking: Sign Up Now
  12. Business Communication: Sign Up Now
  13. Graphic Designing: Sign Up Now
  14. Social Psychology: Sign Up Now
  15. How To Promote Your Business With Online Advertising: Sign Up Now
  16. How To Increase Your Productivity at Work: Sign Up Now
  17. How To Build Confidence: Sign Up Now 
  18. How To Get Your Next Job: Sign Up Now
  19. Learn How To Lean: Sign Up Now
  20. How To Use Google To Get a Job: Sign Up Now
  21. How To Manage Project With Digital Tools: Sign Up Now
  22. How To Write & Send Professional Emails: Sign Up Now
  23. Learn How To Develop Your Career Plan: Sign Up Now
  24. A Course on Logical & Critical Thinking: Sign Up Now
  25. Instructional Design Foundation and Application: Sign Up Now
  26. A Course on Improve You Online Business Security: Sign Up Now
  27. Foundation of Everyday Leadership: Sign Up Now
  28. How To Expand Your Business To Other Countries: Sign Up Now
  29. Understand Customer Need And Behaviour: Sign Up Now
  30. Communicate Your Ideas Through Story Telling: Sign Up Now
  31. Science of Well Being: Sign Up Now
  32. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Sign Up Now
  33. Elements Of AI: Sign Up Now
  34. Conflicts Transformation: Sign Up Now
  35. Python (Everyday Programming): Sign Up Now
  36. Frontend Web UI: Sign Up Now
  37. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals: Sign Up Now
  38. Fundamentals Of Network Communication: Sign Up Now
  39. What is Data Science: Sign Up Now
  40. Introduction To Python Programming: Sign Up Now
  41. Introduction To Cyber Security: Sign Up Now
  42. Introduction To Javascript: Sign Up Now
  43. Build a Native Mobile App With Flutter: Sign Up Now
  44. Developing Android Apps With Kotlin: Sign Up Now
  45. Junior Web Developer: Sign Up Now
  46. Front End Developer: Sign Up Now
  47. Build Your Online Business: Sign Up Now

FREE Course on Udemy

  1. Stock Trading Crash Course: Sign Up Now
  2. Introduction To Financial Accounting: Sign  Up Now
  3. Improve MS Office Productivity Without Being Master: Sign Up Now
  4. Learn MAYA – Character Head Designing For Beginners: Sign Up Now
  5. Lifestyle Design for 21st Century: Sign Up Now
  6. Code Your First Game: Sign Up Now
  7. Stock Market Investing For Beginners: Sign Up Now
  8. The Entrepreneurship Basic Course: Sign Up Now
  9. MS Excel – Zero To Working Professional in 1 Hour: Sign Up Now
  10. How To Start A Blog – 7 Day WordPress Blog Challenge: Sign Up Now
  11. Introduction To Game Development With Unity: Sign Up Now
  12. 3 Minutes German Language Course: Sign Up Now
  13. 3 Minutes Spanish Language Course: Sign Up Now
  14. Chinese In 9 Weeks: Sign Up Now
  15. Building Business Online: Sign Up Now
  16. AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Sign Up Now
  17. How To Start Your Own Online Course Business: Sign Up Now
  18. Become a Stronger And More Productive Online Business Analyst: Sign Up Now
  19. Create HTML Game From Scratch: Sign Up Now
  20. Learn C++ Game Development: Sign Up Now
  21. Introduction To Phyton Programming: Sign Up Now
  22. AutoCAD 2D & 3D Practice Drawing: Sign Up Now
  23. Web Development – Complete Fast Track Course: Sign Up Now
  24. Introduction To Graphic Designing: Sign Up Now
  25. How To Design Social Media Post With Canva: Sign Up Now
  26. Advance eCommerce Simplified: Sign Up Now
  27. Stock Marketing Investing For Beginners: Sign Up Now
  28. Effective Small Business Marketing: Sign Up Now
  29. Digital Marketing Course (SEO, Social Media Marketing & More): Sign Up Now
  30. Music Theory Classes: Sign Up Now
  31. Useful Excel For Beginners: Sign Up Now
  32. AWS Concept: Sign Up Now
  33. Learn How To Draw Anime: Sign Up Now
  34. How To Draw Free Hands With Grids: Sign Up Now
  35. Social Media Marketing Training: Sign Up Now
  36. Java Tutorials For Complete Beginners: Sign Up Now
  37. AutoCAD Basic Course: Sign Up Now
  38. Learn 3D Modeling With Blender: Sign Up
  39. Introductory Photography Course: Sign Up Now
  40. The Secret Sauce of Writing: Sign Up Now
  41. Affiliate Marketing Course: Sign Up Now (Bonus)

FREE Course on Coursera

  1. English For Career Development: Sign Up Now
  2. How To Influence People: Sign Up Now
  3. Organisational Design & Management: Sign Up Now
  4. Improving Communication Skills: Sign Up Now
  5. Mindfulness For Wellbeing And Peak Performance: Sign Up Now
  6. Learn To Negotiate: Sign Up Now
  7. Python Basics: Sign Up Now
  8. Think Again (How To understand arguments) – I: Sign Up Now
  9. Think Again (How to Reason Deductively) – II: Sign Up Now
  10. Think Again (How To reason inductively) – III: Sign Up Now
  11. Think Again (How To avoid Fallacies) – IV: Sign Up Now
  12. Marketing In Digital World: Sign Up Now
  13. Cloud Computing Concepts Part-I: Sign Up Now
  14. Cloud Computing Concepts Part-I: Sign Up Now

I hope you will find all the courses listed above and thanks to all the courses and platforms for providing such valuable courses for free under the COVID-19 worldwide crisis.

At last writing such a long article takes time and efforts, I insist you to please share this and help us in educating people around the globe.

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