How to Monetize Your Facebook Group to Make Money Online

Are you working on facebok groups and wants to know How to monetize facebook groups to make money online?

Today I’m going to share Tips If You’re Starting To Work From Home Or Have Been Working From Home For A While

The whole world right now is either under quarantine or a lockdown or both.

And most of the people are staying inside their homes. Right now, a lot of people are experiencing working from home for the first time and so, I wanted to share somethings that I’ve been doing in the last few years.

See, I’ve been working from home since quite some time and it’s mostly my preferred place to work.

I believe the kind of productivity I get while working from home is phenomenal and I get more done in less time.

So today we’re going to talk about how you can stay at home and make good income by having facebook group of the people who wants to learn the thing, in which you are good to educate others.

The difference between a group that makes 0-5k/month & one that makes 50k-100k/per month is in these core concepts:

Today over here on askmeshout, I’m going to share the 4 keypoints to monetize facebook group.

The quality of your free content.

I have always side this ” its never about the information you give, it’s always about the implementation.

The big secret of facebook group monetization lies here.

Give your best stuff away that you yourself believe you can charge for then the secret is in charging them on the implementation of that stuff.

Example: You give a free case study, a course about something then charge them through a ONE on One coaching call on how to implement the information in the giveaway.

The intensity of the problem you are solving.

The bigger the problem you solve for your members, the more trust & relationship you build with them while positioning yourself as a problem solver /attractive character and in return builds their willingness to buy your product/ service as a solution to their problems.

You may create a poll inside facebook groups to ask people what they want to learn or setup a contest inside group to allow people participate to increase engagement.

As a result you may deliver them a free access to your course or leadmagnet to get video reviews in exchange that would help you to sell that course to other group members, social proof always works to monetize facebook groups.

The frequency & quality of the offer you make.

You might be selling/ promoting the same product in the market but it all goes down on how you package it into an irresistible offer or it can be a value ladder offer.

When it comes to frequency don’t make it a habit to always pitch your offer to your members all the time. it can be once in a while or when someone has a problem that can be solved by your offer.

The good job of “SHOWING UP” on FB lives

At least 2-3 times a week more so when your group is still in the growth stage.

FB lives are by far the best way to monetize in your group because it’s in real-time interaction with your members/ potential clients.

This can be through sharing about a topic /Q&A which is in line with your product/service then at the end give them a CTA with to go & purchase your product/service.

HINT: The best way to get more turnup & engagement on your FB live is through scheduling events for your FB lives.

Hope these few nuggets have been helpful to someone to learn How to Monetize Facebook Groups to Make Money Online.

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