How to optimize images without using any plugin or online tool

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Hey guys, in the series of our WordPress guide to making the SEO optimized blog, here is another update to make the optimize images and guess what there is no need of any WordPress plugin or online tool to optimize images and to compress images if you have not made your blog or website so far.

So now before proceeding further let me show you why images need to be optimized or compressed in blog or website?

Website loading speed is very important parameter for seo friendly blog or website. for the minimum page loading time the images need to be optimized and compressed. Let’s assume that there is an image of 1920×1280 dimensions and having memory size 1.2MB while you upload the 1.2MB image in your wordpress website or blog it takes time to load which overall affect the loading speed of the page and it is not acceptable in any condition by google. After the image optimization the same image without losing the quality and size having the memory size near about 200-400 kb, which generally load fast and hence there would be fast page loading speed.

1.How to optimize images using adobe photoshop

Adobe photoshop is the world’s best imaging and design app is at the core of almost every creative project. Work across desktop and mobile devices to create and enhance your photographs, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more. If you don’t have adobe photoshop you can download full featured version from official adobe products website, Click Here

To optimize images using adobe Photoshop right click on the image choose the option open with adobe Photoshop. After that you adobe window will get opened like below.

You have to do nothing with the images right after opening the image in adobe Photoshop go to file menu at left top corner of the software, and choose the option save for web just below the normal save option for the image.
While you click on the save for web, there will be new window showing the different formats for the images like jpg,png,gif in the right hand side corner as per the image below. Choose the jpeg version and hit save.

In this way you can optimize the images for the website or blog using adobe Photoshop without loosing the quality of website.

2.How to optimize images using Microsoft Picture Manager

Microsoft Picture manager is another free software , which can be used for the image optimization purpose. The best part is you don’t have to purchase the software from anywhere it comes along with your all windows OS version.

To optimize images using Microsoft Picture Manager right click on the image and select option to open with microsoft picture manager,after that your image will get opened and click on edit images on the top menu bar.

opimize images askmeshout

After that on the right hand side you will get the multiple option to edit the image , go to the bottom of the menu and select option compress picture, while you click on the compress picture you will get option to make the image for web, email and so on.

opimize images askmeshout

Select the option make for web and hit save.

In this way you can optimize the images without using any wordpress plugin or online image compression tools.


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