How I was able to sell OVER 50+ Traffic Secrets Books (NO AD SPEND)!

When I first started my affiliate marketing journey in May 2019, I was not aware to sell products even I was not able to get the strategy How to sell traffic secrets book.

I would constantly see people posting their screenshots of…πŸ’²πŸ’²In the beginning of my journey, I would always ask the “wrong” question..I would ask “Whats your secret traffic source” or “Which solo ad provider did you use” Instead of asking the right questions, I was always trying to figure out the “secret” or the “hack”.

I should have been asking things like “how are you serving your audience to get these results” or “How did you structure your offer to get these sales”

I started seeing huge results after I made a HUGE mindset shift! Instead of just trying to make a sale, I started thinking how can I structure an offer people actually need and would actually help them in their business.

Its hard to make this mindset shift in the beginning because as affiliate marketers, we are just trying to make side income or make extra money.

But Its important to REALLY understand your audience and how you can better serve their needs (read chapter 1 & 2 of traffic secrets) Once you fully know their wants, desires, pains & needs, it makes it so much easier to serve your people.

I know most of you wanted the “strategy” or the “trick” but honestly there are no tricks or hacks.

At the end of the day, its about CREATING so much value in the market place that people start knowing you, liking you and trusting you.

This is the CORRECT way to be a successful affiliate marketer. But if you want to know how I got these sales you see in the screenshot, this is what i did.

How to sell traffic secrets book

The Strategy How to Sell Traffic Secrets Book

  1. Created an offer that made sense with the actual product. In this case it was a bonus offer for the new traffic secrets book.
  2. I made a youtube video that talked about the bonuses for the book and how they can access the bonuses. I used my youtube seo skills to get my videos ranking very high on youtube.
  3. I created a bridge page to collect emails. As an affiliate marketer, its important you collect emails in order to build your business.


Search Intent & Evergreen Traffic

So most people don’t structure their titles and their descriptions correctly. You have to remember people are on YouTube to Learn how to do something…

What I see most often is people started channels and not structuring their content to be found in the searches…

This is a huge mistake because, you may have the best content out there but if people aren’t searching what you have, then no one will find you…

I also create content that is EVERGREEN, meaning it will be found and searched for the next 5, 10 years or forever…

This is HUGE, this means your content will be found even if you stop uploading videos.

How to find the PERFECT Keyword

I use 3 tools that help me find a keyword that I can rank for (meaning I am high in the search results)These 3 tools help me:

  • FIND the perfect keyword
  • KNOW the exact amount of people searching
  • Optimize the Title, Description & tags

The 3 TOOLS:

  • TubeBuddy (Using the Search Explorer Option)
  • Keywords Everywhere (Helps me figure out if people are searching for that keyword and also the competition factor.
  • Morning Fame (Allows me to fully optimize everything so I can RANK)

Click Through Rate

One of the most important factors when trying to grow on youtube!

CTR means the percentage of people clicking on your video, the Higher the better!If you have a High CTR, you have the potential to go VIRAL!!

I shoot for at least 3 to 5%, for my videos I get between a 7 to 12% πŸ’₯πŸ˜ƒ

The way I do this is with an amazing TITLE & amazing Thumbnail.

All my titles have a HOOK, All my thumbnails have a HOOK, its all about drawing the most attention to your videos…

I use CANVA to create thumbnails…

Don’t get lazy with the thumbnails,

I use to get lazy with those but thats one of the most important things you can use to BLOW up your channel…

I hope this helps! πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

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