The 7 Steps I’ve Used To Make a Full Time Living on Facebook With Zero Paid Ads…

Looking for how to make money on facebook?

This 7 Step Formula is simple, but it has worked for countless entrepreneurs in many different niches. Either you are a author, coach, having an e-com store or products & services agency. It works for every kind of business and business niche.

This is the fastest and easiest way to make a full time living and be able to quit your job. It worked for me, and it can work for you.

1) Educate yourself

learn how to make money on facebook in 2020

Go out and learn something that lots of people of your niche want to know.

It can be anything – How to lose weight quickly, how to gain muscle, how to get youtube subscribers, how to get engagement on Instagram, how to build funnels, how to get the girl of your dreams, etc, etc.

If you may become master in your niche, facebook has an audience to whome you may serve.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. You need to learn something that others want to know so that you can become someone of VALUE by turning around and teaching it to them.

The quickest way to educate yourself is to buy a good quality course from someone you trust.

2) Define Your Personal Brand

learn how to make money on facebook in 2020

This doesn’t just mean getting a logo designed.

It means getting really clear about what your message is and what problem you can solve. Build realtionships with your friends on facebook.

Optimize your facebook profile to generate leads for your products or services.

Optimizing means setting your profile up so that the minute someone sees it, they know exactly what you can do for them.

3) Build an Audience

learn how to make money on facebook in 2020

Facebook is the easiest platform to build an audience because it allows you to do so proactively by sending friend requests.

Setup an google sheet and list all th groups of your niche having good number of people, list your competitors so that you may add their audience as a friend on your facebook profile.

Use google chrome extensions to send friend request on facebook all in automation, don’t waste your time by spending hundreds of hours to add friends maually.

Tools you may use like friendconnector. Using tools like this you may Automatically Add Targeted Friends on facebook Just By Clicking a Button even while you are sleeping.

So get clear on who your Ideal Customer is and then start adding these people as friends.

4) Offer Tons of Value for Free

If you are focused on making money, you’ll never make money.

Instead, focus on giving as much value as possible on your facebook profile and in your group.

All you have to do is share what you’ve learned when you were doing.

learn how to make money on facebook in 2020

When posting content on Facebook, use the RVL Formula.

What’s the RVL Formula?

R- Results

V- Value

L- Lifestyle

Results: You can post your own results or you can leverage other people’s results.

Why post results?

Posting results will help you build trust and authority for your business which is very important. People like to see results.

Why would they invest in you or your business if you haven’t built trust or authority?

Value: Value is pretty simple and straight forward. Post content this helpful for your audience.

Why post value?

Posting valuable and helpful content can do wonders. There’s someone out there that doesn’t know something that you know.

Even if it’s one person that you helped, that’s one person that got value and you helped.

People love receiving valuable and helpful information. You can simply do this by posting tips and how to’s.

Lifestyle: Post what you do in your daily life. You don’t have to be in some luxury villa in Bali to post lifestyle posts.

Lifestyle doesn’t have to be luxurious or flashy. You can simply share what you’re doing for the day.

People like to see who you are and that you’re a real person. Show people that you’re a real person and that you’re living a real life.

Step 1. Don’t expect anything in return.

5) Master the Facebook Algorithm

You need to master the algorithm in order to get Facebook to show your content to your friends.

learn how to make money on facebook in 2020

Check this article and learn how to optimize facebook profile for conversion.

You should be getting at least 100 likes per post.

That’s how you know people are seeing your content.

The algorithm is a “give engagement to get engagement” system, so you need to be loving and commenting on your friends posts in order for Facebook to show them your content.

6) Connect With People

Always follow up with the people who engage on your content and have a conversation.

learn how to make money on facebook in 2020

The key here is not to try to sell them anything.

Find out about their hopes, their dreams, and their problems.

If you have something that can actually help them, now is the time to ask if they would like to take a look at it.

7) Craft an Irresistible Offer

Basically you want to make an offer that provides everything they need to solve their problems.

learn how to make money on facebook in 2020

Often this can simply be one-on-one coaching with you, where you continue to share your knowledge but this time personalized to them.

You should charge at least 1K for this so that you don’t have to make that many sales per month to be able to quit your job.

Once you have this all rolling, you can work very part time and make enough to fire your boss and live a freedom lifestyle.

If you follow each and every formula mentioned on this article, you would be able to get the answer of your seaarch how to make money on facebook while work at home or any other location you love.

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