Top 10 Best & Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

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Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Shopify has made it super easy for almost every age group from around the globe to start their own e-commerce business.

No matter what’s your background, either you are from a family business background or someone who does a routine job to live a happy life.

Shopify has helped everyone who has a dream to live the laptop lifestyle.

There are hundreds of thousands of Shopify store out there, but among of them some of getting successful, but on the other hand some of them are big trash.

The reason behind those stores are, they have not implemented the right strategy to acquire the audience to convert them as a customer.

Features of any e-commerce store are the big reasons to build interest in the visitor’s mind to make a sale.

So we got almost 10+ messages every day on facebook community of ecom lifestyle to share the best free Shopify apps to increase sales.

After the development of 50+ Shopify stores for our clients and for ourself, we have made the list of top Best Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales.

#1 Aliorders – Auto Fullfil Orders

Do you know oberlo? obviously yes, it’s a Shopify app used to import products from Aliexpress and some other private vendors to your Shopify store. But oberlo has some limitations, like if you are on a free plan of oberlo, you can not import more than 300 products, you need to make payment to import more, also you have to pay the little transaction charge to oberlo to fulfill orders. It SUCKS right?

Guess what We have Aliorders Shopify App, Same functionality like oberlo even little more advance.
Ali Orders gives you the most time saving way to import products into your store and process orders with the click of a few buttons.

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

Using Aliexpress Chrome extension you can import unlimited products from AliExpress directly to your Shopify store, or sync product list from other apps like Oberlo to Ali Orders within an eye blink.

Moreover that you may apply e-packet filter to find and import products to Shopify store with the fastest & cheapest delivery only.

Create Pricing rules before import, even you can integrate with Ali Reviews – #1 review app of Shopify – to build trust by importing reviews from Amazon, Aliexpress, Shein without effort.

Get hundreds of your orders fulfilled to multiple vendors/suppliers at once in a single click. No more copy & paste nightmare, no more mistakes.


Click here to Install the Aliorders Shopify App to Import Product & Aliorders Chrome Extension

#2 Ali reviews to Import Product Reviews

New store and have no reviews yet?
Don’t worry. Ali Reviews allows you to import reviews from AliExpress directly to your store. Now get FREE reviews in a single click, no more requirement to purchase costly apps for your new store.

This helps to turn your visitors into sales quickly. Free to choose your reviews layout style. All layouts are able to be customized by yourself.You can choose existing ones. This could make reviews box more relevant to your store theme.

No matter which device your customers are using, reviews content show perfectly with all type of devices (mobile, laptop or tablet).

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

Catch your customer’s attention while they are searching around the internet by showing high rating star and number of reviews under your page’s URL .

You may also integrate with shopify apps, Import reviews directly from Oberlo or Ali Orders product list.

#3 Volume & Tiered Discounts

The most important & required app in our list of Best Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales is The Volume Discount app by HulkApps is one of the easiest ways to set up discounted pricing campaigns across your entire product catalog. Whether your goal is to start a wholesaler program, entice new customer, or just reward loyal and repeat purchasers, Volume Discount is right for you.

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

Volume Discount app is basically used to create bulk pricing, quantity breaks or tiered pricing sale. With Discounted Pricing, you can allow customers to buy in bulk and be incentivized to add more items to their cart.

It helps you to increase the average order value (AOV) and ultimately increase your ROAS while running facebook ads.

#4 Frequently Bought Together

Remember Amazon-like Bundle Recommended Products, Upsell and Discounts? This app performs exactly like that. so the 4th app in our list of Best Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales is Frequently bought together

You have probably browsed Amazon before and noticed that sometimes you can add a bunch of related products with one single click.

The Frequently Bought Together app brings this upsell feature into Shopify in the most convenient way: you can have it ready in your store within seconds and with zero configuration.

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

How does it work?

Frequently Bought Together analyses the previous purchases in your store database through data mining algorithms and produces a memory graph with the recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart.

How are the upsell recommended products displayed?

When a customer visits a product page, a bundle comprised of the recommended products usually bought together is displayed.

By default, all bundle recommendations are selected but the customer can remove any of them with a user-friendly user interface.

If your store uses variants, the customer can also select the desired recommendation variants; their pictures and prices are automatically refreshed.

After that, all recommended products are added to the shopping cart with a single click. Easier for your customer means more sales for you.

It also works as a reminder of suggested complements to a product. Click here to get 30 days FREE trial

#5 Sticky Add to Cart

Among the list of Best FREE Shopify apps to increase sales sticky add to cart app is most important. Boost Sales & Conversions with a ‘Sticky’ Add-To-Cart Button.

The “Add to Cart” button is important, it’s one of the defining features of an e-commerce site.

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

But it takes up a small amount of space and can get lost amongst product descriptions and images. Making the button more visible is a good constant and persuasive reminder for customers to buy.

And once they have decided to buy, your button is always there for them to click and boost your conversions.

You won’t lose out by having customers lose interest while scrolling back up the page trying to find the right button to buy.

Some of our customers tell us they get up to 70% of their traffic from mobile devices.

Sticky Cart works instantly across all devices – whether your customers are on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone…

You already work hard getting people to your store, make sure they can always easily buy from you.

#6 Shopmessage

ShopMessage is the leading conversational marketing platform that helps eCommerce merchants grow sales using Facebook Messenger.

Email inboxes are crowded. Automate your Messenger Marketing chat conversations and experience the future of marketing with 10x improvement over email thanks to * 81% Message Open Rates * 36% Click thru rates * 1.3 billion monthly active users on Messenger * 10 billion messages exchanged between users and businesses per month.

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

If the user didn’t purchase, your FB Page may send three personalized, time delayed follow up messages. The engagement rates with these messages are insane. Opening a channel for customer support messaging and chat functionality has never been easier.

Plug and play and ready to go. Installation takes three minutes on average. They have plenty of support in FAQ section to help you get the ball rolling. Still need help or have a special request?

Engage your customers with targeted conversational flows driven by their on-site browsing behavior and relationship history with your brand.

Messenger contacts have proven to be 5x more valuable than an email subscriber. Our growth plugins help you grow your Messenger list easily.

#7 Spin to Win

Get prepared to say Good Bye to ALL normal popup, coupon or abandoned cart apps, because YOU are now granted a FREE fun and styling popup app to your Shopify store!!!

This “Spin to Win” app has a proved magic to collect your customer emails in an easy and happy way, giving your site a favorite halo effect. Unlike other popups, this “Spin to Win” app combined with your brilliant offers will sure perfect to Call to customer’s action once they enter your site, which will definitely increase your sales impressively!

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

This season, let’s add some colors to your site, let your new customers try their luck and happily build a relationship with you!

How does Spin To Win works? The Spin to Win app allows you to create and customize 10 wheel slices with different Coupon Codes very quickly and easily.

At the frontend, to enable the wheel, your customers are required to enter their email address. Then they can click to spin the wheel and win a Coupon Code randomly.

Your customer are prone to prefer the Just-Their-Luck coupon code rather than receive it in other usual ways.

This app provides you with two main benefits: Grow your email list for future marketing activities and Increase your sales by encouraging customers to apply their given discount to shop right away.


  • Grow your email list.
  • Easy to customize the frontend
  • Enable to change text and colors
  • Works on all devices.
  • Add Values to customers with Coupons
  • Visual Reports
  • Easy to use. Just install and use

#8 Aftership – Track Shipment

Delight customers with branded tracking page & delivery update.

AfterShip is trusted by Shopify and Shopify Plus sellers to engage customers with a branded tracking experience. Start with our free plan to provide a better post-purchase experience!

Keep your customers updated of the whereabouts of their orders until delivery through an intuitive, customized tracking page and automated notifications.

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

Try out the ultimate order tracking platform for Shopify sellers to tell customers where their order is at any given point of time and when it arrives at their doorstep.

Track and check delivery status in the same place so that you can take remedial actions immediately before upsetting a customer.

Integrated with 500+ carriers worldwide, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, China Post (ePacket) and China EMS, you can have complete visibility of all shipments statuses and location as it moves towards the customer.

Notify Customers Before They Ask

Tell your customers where the order is and when it arrives at their door in a timely manner via automated email or text notifications—well before they ask.

Send notifications from your email with customized content and an one-click tracking link. You can also configure under what circumstances (in transit, out for delivery, failed attempt, exception or delivered) a notification is sent.

Use this opportunity to send a personalized message to customers and turn them into loyal fans.

#9 Upsell, Cross-Sell, Exit Intent Popup

On average about 98% of visitors leave web stores without making a purchase. Using this app you can make your sales more effective and clients more loyal.

When a user is visiting your store for the first time, they get a special offer in a popup window.

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

When a visitor is trying to leave your store and is moving a mouse cursor with the intention to close the browser, exit intent popup window with a special offer is shown. In both examples you can offer a coupon, free shipping, a special price for some product, a gift, newsletter subscription or any information message to your clients.

Fully Customizable Popup Design

With an easy-to-use (no coding required) insightful editor you can make a nice-looking popup that will perfectly match your Shopify store!

Set up any conditions to show the popup to visitors:

  • when a visitor is visiting your store for the first time – show a special offer in a sales pop ups
  • when a visitor is trying to leave your store – show an exit offer in an exit popup
  • if there is a certain quantity of products in a cart – make a popup upsell offer
  • if the cart total is within the range set by you – motivate to buy more with in a pop up window
  • only during a certain time period – use sales pop ups

Make all your marketing ideas real

With Popup Upsell – Sales Pop up (ex Popup Upsell on Exit Visit) you can make the following campaigns:

  • inform about the minimal amount for free shipping
  • offer coupons or exchange them for visitors’ emails
  • collect your newsletter subscribers
  • offer an additional discount with exit intent popup
  • offer discounted products/services with sales pop-ups
  • offer free gifts at checkout (the offer with the gift can be created in our Product Upsell app)
  • inform your customers about limited offers, sales, etc.

#10 Sales Popup

Sales Pop syncs with your store’s data to turn recent orders into sales notifications to promote purchase activities on your storefront.

Leveraging the power of social proof, Sales Pop convinces visitors to start buying from your brand with confidence and trust.

Best & Free Shopify Apps 2019

Prevent cart abandonment with Checkout Notifications

Checkout notifications tell your customers how many people have completed checking out in the last 24 hours and numbers of items left in stock.

By convincing customers that their items are selling out fast, Sales Pop by Beeketing urges customers to complete checkout quickly.

Wrapping Up:-

These are all the required best Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales you must install on your Shopify store and drive people to engage with your website. Overall 70% conversion on the e-commerce industry occurs on re-targeting.

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