Top 10 ways to quickly speed up the wordpress website

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Do you own a website having WordPress as a CMS?

So definitely you are here because your WordPress website is getting slow as the time passes.

Don’t worry this is not the mistake of the WordPress CMS,

It happens because you have not used the platform properly and the effect of that results which makes your website to load slowly.

How to Speed Up WordPress Website 2019- Ultimate Guide

WordPress is the largest CMS powering more than 25% of the websites live on the Internet.

If you are new to WordPress and don’t know how to design and develop websites on WordPress. Read the guide here

Before We’ll show you How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

Let’s first take the test on your website to check out the current performance.

Just tap below and find the tools which will help you to find out your website performance.

Check website on GTMETRIX Now

I hope you have checked the performance of your website.

Now explore the points below and make the changes accordingly and once you are done with these changes again check your website performance.

If there is not any major issue and you have done everything right you will get the speed up your WordPress website.

#1. Optimize WordPress Website Images

The first biggest issue you will face with the website is that the images are not optimized.

So let us tell you what is the optimization actually.

According to Google “Image optimization is both an art and science: an art because there is no one definitive answer for how best to compress an individual image, and a science because there are many well-developed techniques and algorithms that can significantly reduce the size of an image. Finding the optimal settings for your image requires careful analysis along with many dimensions: format capabilities, the content of encoded data, quality, pixel dimensions, and more.”

Basically, It’s just the compression of website images, compressed images will load faster and hence your website loading time will get boosted. However, this is not the only reason but it’s very important.

Go through the guide below to find out the various tools to optimize images on the website. Don’t forget to comment if you got the desired results.

#2. Optimize WordPress Database Table

Since WordPress platform is based on PHP & MYSQL,

hence whenever we upload any plugin and images or whatever activity we perform on the website.

The data gets added in the WordPress database table.

Hence It becomes necessary to optimize that database which means to editor delete the tables which are not useful.

There are too many plugins available in the WordPress store, but We’ll show you how you can perform this task without using any plugin.

#3. Uninstall Unwanted Plugins

If you have Inactive plugins in your WordPress dashboard, first of all uninstall them from your admin panel and after that optimize your WordPress database table.

Inactive plugins are basically the code which is not useful in your website but whenever the site loads, these plugin’s script also loads and makes the speed of website slower.

Delete or Uninstall plugins will help you a lot to speed up WordPress website.

#4. Use WordPress Cache Plugin

Always use the cache plugin to speed up WordPress website.

Cache plugin helps you to create the copy of your website in the server and from the next time,

it serves the cached copy of your website which loads faster and hence enhances your website loading speed.

Speed up wordpress website

Explore the image above carefully.

When the user accesses the website the first time it loads the script and data via Mysql database and after that convert the website to HTML content and then displays results.

But after that, the cache plugin makes the cache of your website and after that when the user explores the website it displays cache version of website which loads faster.

#5. Split Comments into Pages

First of all, Congratulations If you are getting lots of comments in your WordPress website.

But Unfortunately, if you have not managed that comments properly it will become harmful for your website.

To avoid this effect on your website Split comments in multiple pages to Speed Up WordPress Website.

To perform this task, login to your admin dashboard and select the option to break comments into pages just like the image below and update the settings.

wordpress comments

#6. Use Optimised WordPress Hosting

Hosting plays a very important role for any website If your website hosting provider is not genuine and don’t have the 99.99% uptime.

So avoid the first 5 points which we have shared to speed up the WordPress website and first of all transfer your website to Optimised WordPress Hosting Service Provider.

Askmeshout recommends selecting from Hostgator, Siteground Since these are the best optimized WordPress Hosting Service Provider in the world.

Read our full guide to know how to purchase hosting with free Domain & SSL.

#7. Use Optimised WordPress Themes

Similarly like we have to optimize WordPress database and images to speed up WordPress website.

It also becomes necessary that the themes which you have used for your blog or website must be optimized for SEO.

Most of the free themes do not contain the properly optimized well-written code according to the w3 validation.

Hence always use the themes of proper genuine authored like Themify & Mythemeshop.

Or if you are confused to find out the which theme is perfect according to your niche or blog topic.

You can ask for the help at Hire professionals services by us

#8. Don’t Upload Video to WordPress

Since videos are the most useful and attractive way to convert the visitor into a subscriber and then from subscriber to customer.

So it becomes necessary that the visitor must have the access to videos easily, but if you have uploaded your video to WordPress it will harm your website in two ways.

  1. It will not get loaded instantly and your visitor will not wait for that.
  2. It will increase your WordPress website loading time.

Hence to avoid this condition upload your videos to Youtube or Vimeo and embed that videos in your WordPress website.

#9. Use CDN ( Content Delivery Network)

CDN ( Content Delivery Network) has a very important role to Speed Up WordPress Website. 

Generally, the website loads faster if the hosting server is nearest to your location,

but it takes too much time to load when the user is at another end of the world.

Let me show you an example for CDN:-

Suppose your website hosted on a server which exists in India, and the user which placed a request to access the website is also from India. At this time since both the user and host is at the same place so there would be very less loading time.

But in the same case if the user is from the USA the website will take a lot of time to load rather than it has taken to load in India.

So the task which CDN performs is it share your website with multiple hosts around the globe. So that the user from anywhere places a request to access your website. It loads in no time.

We recommend using MAXCDN or Cloudflare to choose as your CDN service provider

#10. Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript

When visitor place a request to access webpage at that time, website has to load a lot of files, including  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You need this code to be as clean and fast as possible.

The problem is this code was written to be read by humans.

It includes extra white space, comments, and formatting that computers don’t need in order to run the code.

Fortunately, this can be fixed! A great way to help speed up your code is to minify it.

What is Minify? Let’s have a look…

Generally, the code written by the programmers is as per the below manner because it helps to understand the other humans to find out the code of any particular topic.

There are various tools available in the WordPress store to minify the HTML, CSS, Javascript of the website.

Askmeshout recommends using W3-Total-Cache WordPress Plugin to perform this task.

If you have any questions or issues with your WordPress blog or website, raise inquiry on Contact Page ,

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A blogger’s forum where people like you help each other and learn new technologies every day.

So Join Now and share the knowledge in Blogger’s Street.

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