Ultimate Guide: How to use Instamojo Payment Gateway

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In India, when we talk about to sell anything online like digital goods, products or even someone wants to set up their own online store. At that time, the first major issue comes in front of them is “Payment Gateway to receive Payment Online”.

Several major payment gateways like ccavenue, payumoney, and billdesk are there but the problem is they are not friendly with small startups and for bloggers who want to sell their digital goods like e-book, video guide and so on.

Thanks to Instamojo Payment Gateway who helped me to set up my online store and start collecting money in hardly 5-10 minutes from anywhere in India.


If you have an international audience and wants to get the payments from out of India.

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So today, as per my experience with Instamojo Payment Gateway, I am going to share the Ultimate guide to setup Instamojo account. In this guide, I’ll cover:-

  • How to Setup Instamojo Payment gateway?
  • How to receive unlimited amount using Instamojo?
  • How to set up your online store in 10 minutes?
  • How to create payment links?
  • How to earn with Instamojo?
  • How to use Instamojo App Store?

Mostly, I have covered all the essentials you can do with Instamojo. In this Ultimate guide, you will get complete details about each and every topic mentioned as above.

Why Instamojo?

I got this question in my mind when I heard about the Instamojo. So I think you will have the same, but trust me when I will show you the benefits of Instamojo you will signup for Instamojo for sure.

So let’s begin,

  • No Setup or Maintenance Fee: – Like other payment gateways, Instamojo never charges their customers for maintenance of their account while other gateways take annual charge for the sake of maintenance and setup.
  • 2 Minutes Setup: – You can start receiving money in your account in 2-5 minutes as soon as you signup for Instamojo, However, there would be a limit of 10,000/- INR, but it can be turned into unlimited by just verify your account and that’s a very very simple process.
  • No Technical Knowledge: – You don’t need to be techy to setup Instamojo, even you can start integrating with your own website in just 10 minutes to receive payments by all mediums like a debit card, credit card, internet banking, and digital wallet.
  • Pay for successful transaction only: – Instamojo takes the service charge only that is 2% + 3Rs. for every successful transaction you made.
  • Instant Payout: – Instamojo has the best payout policy, they release the payout in every 3rd day of transaction you received. Like if you have received 10,000/- INR on 1st of a month, they will release payout on 4th of a month, after deducting service charge i.e. 2% + 3Rs.
  • Refer & Earn: – Instamojo also offers Refer & earn program to their customers. You can earn 500/- Rs. for each person you refer to Instamojo.


This is all about the Instamojo Payment Gateway, I hope you liked the features and facilities. Now Let’s move forward, keep your phone on silent for  10 minutes and I’ll show you how to start receiving money instantly with Instamojo.

How to Setup Instamojo Payment Gateway?

#1    To setup, Instamojo account click here and you will get landed on official Instamojo website, where the screen looks something like this. After that move towards the right top corner to signup for Instamojo.

Instamojo Account Setup


#2 After that, you will get the new window asking you to signup via a social network like facebook and google or enter the email id and your own password manually to register for Instamojo account. Once you have done this click on signup for free.

Instamojo Account Setup

Yeah ! here it is. Your Instamojo Payment Gateway Dashboard. Right now you can start receiving money by creating payment links if you do not have your own website. Really ? I mean you must have your own blog or website to make online business. If you don’t have a blog or website no need to worry. Click below and you will get the step by step guide.


Instamojo Account Setup

How to verify Instamojo Account?

So as I said earlier, you can start receiving money instantly, but there is a limit of 10,000/- INR to remove this limit you have to upload your documents like Bank Passbook, Pan Card, Address, ID Proof.

Once you completed this step by uploading documents, you will get the notification above dashboard saying that your documents are under verification process now, and you will be informed once the process is done.

It hardly takes 2-3 business days to get your documents verified. However, you can still receive money. Once you verified your documents you can get unlimited money in your account.

How to Setup your online Store with Instamojo?

If you are a freelancer or a seller and wants to sell your digital products you can setup your own online store with Instamojo in no time.

Yes, you hear right! I will show you how you can setup your online store to sell digital products like e-books, music, graphics and so on.

Firstly, move towards the right top corner and click on your online store. For more clarity, you can find the image below describing the step I wants you to perform.

#2  Once you clicked on your online store, after that you will get redirected to your store page. It would be the page which would be visible to your store visitors.

Instamojo Account Setup

It looks something like below and you have all options like to change your profile picture (which must be your store logo) and cover image to showcase some discount package or something you wants to share with your customers.

#3  Once you have done editing basics of your online store, after that move forward to add the product to your store.

For that purpose click on Create First Product Link at the bottom of the page and you will find the screen like below.

#4 Here we have 4 options for a different kind of stores like a store for physical products, digital products, event tickets, and so on. You can choose according to your requirements.

I will choose digital products since it’s my website niche. Fill all the details accordingly like your product images, description, price and all. Once done click on add product to store.

That’s it. Your product will get added to your Instamojo online store and you can share the link of your online store to social media or various platform to sell your products.

How to create payment links with Instamojo?

It is the best way for online service providers to ask money to your clients using the payment gateway.

Because when you ask money to someone using the payment gateway, the other party has multiple options to pay you like digital wallets, credit card, debit card and so on.

The payment gateway has made it possible to skip the hard and frustration mode of payment like NEFT  & RTGS. Where you have to send your account details after that your client will add you in their beneficiary list and then transfer the payment which also takes 2-4 hours to get reflect in your account.

Instamojo Account Setup

I recommend you to skip those step, and share payment links to your clients. It will also help you to boost your conversion due to easy money transfer.

So now, firstly come back to your Instamojo Dashboard and on the left-hand side menus you will find the option to “Create Payment Links

You will find the screen like above, just enter the reason behind the payment you asking for. Enter an amount and click on create.

That’s it now share this link with your client. In this way, you can ask for payment using links.

How to earn with Instamojo Payment Gateway?

That’s great for users of Instamojo, you can also earn with Instamojo by referring method.

What is that? Actually, refer and earn is a program run by several companies which pay when you recommend their services to others.

At Instamojo, when you share your dedicated link to someone Instamojo pays 500/- INR to both of you. Yes you hear right, so what are you waiting for..

How to use Instamojo App Store?

This is the great service by Instamojo, It has its own app store by using which you can enhance the performance of your online store.

Instamojo store has multiple apps like

  • SMS alerts
  • Invoice generator
  • Sales auto export
  • Google analytics
  • QR Code
  • Affiliate Store
  • Digital Wallet

and much more are there. So let me show you how you can install apps on your online store. As usual, move back to Instamojo dashboard and find the App store menu on the left-hand side. Follow the instructions as on the image.

Once you clicked on Instamojo app store, you will find all the apps made by Instamojo to boost your store features.

Just click on Subscribe for the app and it will get updated on your store in no time.

That’s all you must know about the Instamojo Payment Gateway and the multiple uses of it.

NOTE: –  I hope you have liked this ultimate guide to setup Instamojo Payment Gateway, don’t forget to share your reviews below using the comments section.


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